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and to the impact of urban transportation

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The Challenge

Overconsumption is a major contributor to global warming.Consumerism drives us to produce, consume, and discard in a continuous, vicious loop. This has to change. We have to redefine how we make, buy, and consume the products we value.

As consumers, we need to gain greater awareness of how the little choices we make every day impact our total CO2 footprint.

At the corporate level, these decisions are even more important, as consumers’ choices rely on the options available to them. Companies have a greater responsibility and must be accountable.

That’s why we go beyond selling a product; we provide a service that maximizes the useful life of the product and minimizes the environmental impact.

Our mission is to transform how people and goods move in cities, safely, enjoyably, and in harmony with the world we live in.

Beyond’s Business Paradigm

We reimagined a business model and designed the perfect vehicle for both consumers and our planet.

Beyond’s subscription offers all the benefits of owning and none of the hassle. We take care of servicing and maintaining the vehicle, ensuring its highest performance.

For a subscription model to be successful, financially and environmentally, the vehicle’s design must address the particular needs of the consumer and maximize its useful life.

Truly thoughtful design accounts for all the stakeholders in the vehicle’s lifecycle:

  • The factory worker building it
  • The courier shipping it
  • The technician servicing it
  • The person who recycles it

We take responsibility for the vehicle throughout its lifecycle and especially after its useful life.

We designed the vehicle so it can be easily disassembled and recycled.

To find out more about how we recycle and other work we’re doing for the environment, read our articles, here or email us at recycle@ridebeyond.com

**compared to car emissions

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