A commuting program your employees will love

our micro-mobility subscriptions offer employees access to low-carbon e-bikes & scooters

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* companies must have a minimum of 20 employees to qualify

Electric Scooter

ideal for commutes under 7 miles

Folding E-Bike

ideal for 10-20 mile commutes

Empower your team to get back to work

A flexible, all-inclusive e-bike/scooter subscription your employees will actually use

Save employees time and money

Access to 24/7 commuting support

Optimize their productivity & wellness

“The right commuting program benefits your employees, positively impacts your business, and has a transformative effect on the environment”

– Manuel Saez, Beyond CEO

All employee subcriptions include:

Zero emission vehicles designed for urban commuters

The best GPS enabled lock on the market, track any vehicle if it's stolen

Each vehicle is digitally connected, no physical keys are required

Immediate vehicle replacement

Worry free riding experience, all service and maintenance included

Reporting and data analytics with CO2 emissions dashboard management

24/7 support

Theft insurance

Employee commuting is one of the largest contributors to your organization’s carbon footprint.

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Join the low carbon economy

Drive environmental benefits at the corporate level

Reduce your total carbon footprint

Measure your organization’s impact

Reduce commuting emissions

We make it easier for you to plan, track and accelerate your zero carbon emissions targets

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We’ll provide the data you need to make better decisions

Live track your organization’s carbon emissions offset

Understand usage & habits to optimize commuting patterns

Assess the commuting health of your workforce