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Buy a like-new electric scooter at a fraction of the cost all while reducing your own carbon footprint.

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You will receive a “like new” electric scooter with genuine replacement parts including new electronics, wheels, and battery. Every device comes with all the accessories except for our custom GPS lock.


Common Questions

What happens during the refurbishing process?

Our refurbished scooters are visually and diagnostically inspected by our certified technicians to ensure the highest quality standards and reliability. While there may be some observable cosmetic imperfections, all refurbished scooters are outfitted with new electrical parts, including the battery. None of the cosmetic imperfections will affect performance.

Do you offer warranty for the refurbished scooters?

Each purchase comes with a 60-day warranty. You can learn more about what this warranty covers here

How are the refurbished scooters rated?

All ratings are made by Brooklyness’s top-rated technicians and all equipment is guaranteed to work (except for ‘As Is’). You can learn more about our Scooter Grading Guide below:

Grade A  – Like New 
The refurbished scooter is 95-99% of the original condition. Only the closest inspections will reveal slight wear.

Grade B – Excellent
The refurbished scooter is 85-94% of the original condition. Exceptionally nice cosmetic condition but may have slight wear upon close inspection.

Grade C – As Is 
The refurbished scooter is sold as-is without any prior refurbishment.

What are the specifications of the scooter?


Total Weight: 28 lbs
Frame Material: Aluminum alloy
Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
Front Brake: Electronic regenerative braking
Back Brake: Step on
Grips:  Ergonomic rubber
Suspension: Coil spring
Wheel Sizes: Airless 8”


Motor Type: Front-Mounted gear hub motor.
Motor Nominal Output: 250 Watts
Battery Brand: Samsung
Battery Voltage: 36 volts
Battery Amp Hours: 7.8 ah
Charge Time: 4 hours deep charge.  1-2 hours quick charge
Estimated Min Range: Up to 15 miles under ideal conditions
Display Type: Digital console

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